Bus rental, airport transfers and packaged tour in Mauritius

Booking information

  • 1. Rate is per person.
  • 2. Duration is 8 hours.
  • 3. Transportation, entry fees, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks are included. Vegetarian menu is available on request. Alcoholic drinks can be available at extra cost.(for packaged tour only)
  • 4. 50% deposit is required at time of a regular booking. In case of cancellation, the deposit converts into cancellation fee.
  • 5. A regular booking request should reach MBR at least 30 days prior to start date.
    Booking request less than 15 days prior to start date is considered as late booking and will be dealt with differently. Choose relevant link from "Late booking" dropdown menu to proceed with late booking request.
  • 6. For organizational reasons, we strongly advise to make booking online well in advance through our booking system. A surplus of 25% will be charge for any form of last minute booking without prior payment of deposit.
  • 7. Booking request less than 3 days prior to start date will be ignored.

Bus rental

Price: 19.00 USD Per Person. (Minimum 8 passengers. Duration of rental is 8 hours)

Airport transfer

Price: 15.00 USD Per Person.(Minimum 8 passengers. Arrival or departure transfer)

Packaged tour

Price: 105.00 USD Per Person. (Free choice of itinerary. Duration 8 hours)

Extra Option 1

Actually no option is available.

Extra Option 2

Actually no option is available.

Order Form

Write your desired tour date(s) as well as the exact pickup time and place in the comment box below. Let us know if you have any special wishes regarding your booking.